Ajay Prasad
The Founder's Corner Podcast by Ajay Prasad

Join serial entrepreneur Ajay Prasad, as business owners and entrepreneurs are invited to seek advice on their most prominent business struggles.

The Founder's Corner: Your Guide to Entrepreneurship

Wait a minute…what is The Founder's Corner?

The Founder's Corner is a regular podcast hosted by our Founder & President, Ajay Prasad, as he discusses many aspects of working and living as an entrepreneur. For the guest portion of the show, Ajay invites business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to come on and ask him for advice about topics ranging from digital marketing to online reputation and even how to live life as an entrepreneur. We invite experienced and curious minds alike to discuss the many aspects of building a profitable and successful business.

The Benefits of Being a Guest on the Founder's Corner:

  • Gain Expert and Actionable Entrepreneurs’ Advice from an Adept Influencer
  • Get Your Business Noticed in a Reputable and Professional Industry
  • Obtain Valuable Links Back to Your Website at No Cost to You
  • And Much More…

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