12 Crucial Elements Your About Us Page Is Missing

12 Crucial Elements Your About Us Page Is Missing

You may have noticed that most websites don't have exciting "About Us" pages. But the ones that do will more likely inspire visitors to explore the company further. These pages give you a chance to explain your niche and should definitely be more than a few generic sentences that state the obvious.

Here are 12 crucial elements for your "About Us" pages that many sites forget, and tips to incorporate these elements.

1. Talking More About Your Audience Than Yourself

Open by talking more about your audience than yourself. Illuminate your About Us page by describing why your business became important to your market. Discuss what you've learned about your audience in terms of their expectations and challenges they present to your industry. Explain who your target market is, and why they come to your site, which will show that you're conscious of their needs. Feel free to offer some stats from your Analytics research.

2. Providing Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials help broaden the cast of characters of your site so that it seems more like a society of like-minded people, and not just a small group promoting itself. While you may want to devote a separate section to testimonials, including a few customer quotes on your "About Us" page won't hurt. You can provide a link to "more testimonials."

3. Introducing Your Story in an Interesting Form

Use an unexpected attention getter to introduce your story. When you get to the part about your accomplishments, ease into it with something unexpected. Sometimes irony can be the best way to open a story about yourself so that it's not just a predictable bragging session. The key is not to be generic like thousands of other websites. Explore other "About Us" pages for inspiration, but don't just copy the same ideas.

4. Telling Your Story With Human Interest in Mind

At some point in your story tap into how you solved problems for people. Maybe your industry had a history of inefficiencies or inconveniences at one time and your arrival in the market is what made people's lives better. Talk about the reasons why your brand was necessary to reduce customer pain points and how it provided a refreshing new choice for people. Skip all the irrelevant little details that you might normally read in a novel and focus on how your brand answered people's needs.

5. Revealing Your Personality

Modern brands have identities just like humans. That's why it's important to showcase your brand's personality, which will help build brand awareness the same way friends become familiar with each other. Last century's colder, faceless personality of the common corporation is becoming extinct in the internet era and replaced by a more personable identity.

That's because the internet has become a tool to weed out useless products and brands while discovering the ones that serve personal needs the best. If your brand provides serious technology then better reveal that serious personality. If it's a happy entertaining brand then have a fun personality.

6. Developing a Recognizable Narrative

A narrative comprises the elements of a storyteller that people can identify with, giving them a sense that they are engaged in a communication with someone, rather than just reading black text on a white background. The narrative is what brings a story to life. Craft a consistent narrative that creates familiarity with the reader and extends throughout your site.

7. Avoiding Industry Jargon

One of the biggest ways to turn off new prospects quickly is to bombard them with industry terminology in which they are unfamiliar. Traditional companies in the past have used jargon to show off industry knowledge, but this strategy doesn't work too well in the internet era. People use the internet to learn about their interests quickly and jargon tends to create speed bumps in a learning curve. Introducing uncommon terms without defining them creates walls when you really need to use your website to build bridges, which is the easier path to conversions.

8. Introducing Your Team

Somewhere on your About Us page mention the founder or some of the people involved with running the site. Avoid being a faceless site. By letting people know humans run your site instead of automated software, they will feel more connected to your team.

Perhaps you want to create a separate page or pages to showcase your staff members with their own biographies and testimonials about working for your company, which still works. As long as you show that humans instead of, robots are whom visitors will be dealing with, they will likely trust your site more.

9. Being Visually Compelling

Use colorful high definition photos that help enhance your story. Consider font faces and colors that fit the theme of your business. Even if you're using minimalist design to focus more on your content, give viewers interesting visuals that stay in their minds.

10. Giving Visitors a Multimedia Experience

The more different forms of media your site offers, the wider its appeal will be. The multimedia experience simply gives your site a modern feel.

Treat your About Us page as an introduction or front lobby of your website with samples of what the deeper pages are about. Using video is becoming essential as its popularity in the business world continues to climb. Links to blogs, social media, newsletters, and podcasts help show your diversity. Other types of media to think about are photos, infographics, slideshows, and timelines.

11. Providing Your Contact Information

Like other elements of About Us, your contact information can be included along with a link to its own page for additional information like various email addresses, Skype details, maps, and driving instructions. At least say where your company is based so that users won't have to wonder if your site is domestic or foreign.

12. Updating the Page Periodically

Once you have created a unique About Us page, visit it at least once a month, and consider amending it a little so that it remains fresh. It's always a good idea to review your site thoroughly to make sure it's up to date. The About us page of your website is the reflection of your brand and probably gets the most visit by your customers. Always make sure to give your time to brainstorm the web design and content specifically for this page. Over to you! Do you know such companies who have an outstanding About us Page design? Do tell us in the comments. Want to know how to design a visually a compelling websites for your business that reflects your online identity? Go on, contact us to schedule a meet with us at GMR Web Team, an Orange County digital marketing and web design agency. Recommended Read:  

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