2nd Pillar (Part 3): What Steps Should Doctors Take to Improve Their Online Reputation?

Online reputation management (ORM) is not an unknown term for doctors by now. Its credibility in reputation building and performance enhancing, has made it a necessity in either the active marketing strategy or at least the wish list of every provider (big or small). For those who are reluctant, they should waste no time and read this blog from start to finish to clear the air regarding ORM's value. [Read Read This Post »

8 Questions You Must Ask for Your Company's Online Image

Every now and then you should ask questions about your website to make sure it is helping your business as best it can. The following questions and answers may help fine tune your online image.

How do I check what people are saying about my business online?

Searching your business name in Google using the term "reviews" will help you find reviews about your business.

How can I be notified about online mentions?

By creating a

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Twitter for Brand Building

If ten years ago someone had told you that your brand would be interacting with your customers on a one on one level every day, you would have probably laughed at them and called them crazy. Today, Twitter has become a medium to do exactly the same thing. Brands are being forced to create a presence on Twitter so that their customers can interact with them on a one on one level.

This has several implications. Online reputation management is becoming an industry of...

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