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At GMR, we pride ourselves in developing content-driven, responsive websites that reflect the latest industry trends. The goal is to ensure your website is educating and converting your target customer.

Content-Driven Web Design That Accentuates Your Company’s Personality

Your web design must be appealing and informative. Not only does a content-driven site give your brand a voice, but it promotes engagement and solidifies your professional knowledge of your business and the industry it resides in. Give people a reason to keep coming back to your site by providing interesting and exciting content and a design that perfectly pertains to your company’s image and personality.

A content-driven web design is all about keeping up with current trends in your industry and ensuring that your website design is engaging and relevant to your audience. You want to make your site memorable, so the design needs to be consistently strong and filled with great content.

Express your vision through your site. Your website must completely express the type of company that you are and your professional goals and vision as an organization. In other words, your website must be YOU.

Every aspect of your website design must have a purpose. All content and design choices need to be relevant to the audience you are reaching.

Responsive Web Design That Engages Mobile Users

Now you may be asking yourself, what is responsive web design? Well, another way you can label it is mobile friendly web design, but really it’s much more than that.

Responsive Web Design

It’s one thing for us to explain it, but let us show you instead. If you’re not currently viewing us on mobile, move your cursor all the way to one side of your browser page until you see the double-sided arrow. Now click your mouse and drag in the opposite direction. Your browser window should be getting narrower. Do you see what’s happening? The site is dynamically transforming itself to fit the size of the page. That is responsive web design, and it’s an integral part of web development and ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly. It optimizes your website to display properly on all screen sizes.

It’s probably no big surprise that over 50% of internet searches are now done on smartphones and tablets. That means that statistically more than half of you found us through a mobile device, right?

To explain the importance of mobile friendly web design as bluntly as possible: if your web development isn’t integrated for mobile use, you are leaving out over half of your potential customers. In today’s world, your website desperately needs to be mobile optimized.

Based in Orange County, GMR Web Team has built and designed responsive sites for hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. Our dedicated design specialists have served a variety of industries; including medical, fashion, luggage, financial, and much more. Among our other specialties, we’re also a California web design company that prioritizes mobile integration. We create content-driven design that will engage your prospect customer.

Our web design expertise coupled with your vision will produce extraordinary results. At GMR, that’s the ultimate goal.

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