Google Partners Connect February 2015 [Video Recap]

GMR Web Team was fortunate enough to have hosted Google Partners Connect this past Wednesday on February 11, 2015. This was the third time we hosted the Google Partners event, and we had a phenomenal turnout. We thank everyone who delighted us with their presence at our digital marketing agency in Orange County and learned about Google advertising! In case you missed the Google Partners Connect event, here is the video recap of the...

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7 Easy Moves to Rise Upwards in the Your Brand Love Curve

Reaching a target market through advertising is an important step in exposing a brand, but successful business requires going a step further. Customer loyalty should be your ultimate goal once you have developed brand awareness. Today's consumer values good deals, but part of that dynamic means quality they can trust. Here are some additional steps you can take to achieve brand loyalty.

1. Pay attention to product quality.

Focus your resource more on improving product quality more than scaling your business. Ever since...

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