How to Avoid Web Design Disasters and Welcome Visitors to Your Site

The Internet has brought many very interesting tasks and considerations into the business world. It is an odd place where amazing sites, such as one that provide instruction and inspiration, reside in the same space as sites that are parasitic and harmful. It can make it very difficult for visitors to know which sites are serious and which are scams.

As a business, this is something that you have to keep in mind when designing your site. Website design plays an extremely important...

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How to Design Your Business Website for Orange County Customers

Building a small-business website is complicated. You’ve got to secure a domain name, generate content, and figure out how to help people find it. By the time the entire process is complete, you just want to get back to business. But websites are all about doing business. And if you really want a website that works, you should take one more look at yours before you turn your attention back to the day-to-day operations of the office. Yes, before you flip the proverbial switch and go live with your new site, take a look at it through another lens—the design lens. It’s been said that content is king, and form can be fun. Both are true,...

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5 Common Landing Page Lapses That Can Hurt Your Conversions

Getting visitors to your landing page is only the first step of conversion. Making the visitors convert is another hurdle all together. When visitors stop by your landing page, you want them to give you their contact information in exchange of the offer you have.

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How you structure your landing pages can determine whether you will have high or low conversion rates.

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How to Find a Good Web Design Company in Orange County

Having a professional website can take your business to the next level. A good website is more than just a beautiful design. A good website is the one that is designed to be easily found on search engines, provide a good user experience to visitors, and make visitors become leads. If you are searching for a company offering professional web design in Orange County, go for one that can design your site for conversions. Related: Read This Post »

Why Good Web Designers Harbor a Love for Fonts

Good web design is nothing to snicker at, and if you have a site or business that relies on the internet to make sales or get your brand out there, you know how important a good site is. However, one of the things that can go over the heads of many average people is the use of fonts when it comes to building a beautiful and successful website.

That doesn’t mean that fonts go over the heads of most good web designers, though. In fact, most web designers that are really...

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Ways in Which Your Browser Impacts Your Website Performance

Did you know that your website may look different when viewed across various browsers? Depending on the browserWebsite Performance that a visitor is using, some elements of your website may appear different, which may mean a poor user experience and even losing sales from potential customers. Understand Your Customers When Designing Your Website Optimizing your website to be best displayed on only one major browser may not be good for...

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Things to Do for Dealing with Web Design Theft

When you’re designing a website for your company or for personal use, chances are you’re spending a great deal of your time thinking about a creative eye-catching design that users will like. However, that creative design, even though you made it happen, may not remain solely yours forever.

That’s because web design theft has become a big problem for many businesses and individuals with creative sites. After all that hard work you put in on your site to make it unique, to make it stand out from the rest of the pack, you don’t want somebody stealing it for their own.


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How to Make Your E-Commerce Site Gain Competitive Advantage

The world of ecommerce can be tough, especially now that its popularity has exploded and there are all sorts of retailers online. If you're looking to gain an advantage over your competition with your ecommerce website design then check out these tips below to stay ahead of your competition.

  • Link together products for more sales. When customers are shopping online, you have a great opportunity to create a packaged deal of similar products that they may need. For example, if you're selling pillows,...

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3 Sure-Fire Tactics to Get Reviews

How many times have you looked at reviews to get more information about a product or service" Wait, let me rephrase that. The last time you bought an app for your phone or searched for a restaurant in your area, did you happen to glance at how many stars it had or what people were saying about it" The answer for most is a resounding "YES"!; and sometimes you probably look at ratings and form opinions without even realizing it.

Whenever I'm looking to buy a new app for my iPhone and can't decide which one to get - especially because there seems to be 10 apps for everything nowadays I'm always looking at how many stars they have and how...

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Choose the Right Format for Better Image Quality

Knowing what images to use can be quite beneficial to a website designer. Essentially, anyone can put together a basic website with words on it. However, knowing what images to use and where can improve the flow of a website and entice visitors to return.

The Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF, was widely popular in the beginning stages of internet strategy. With its lossless data compression, these images can be animated with 256 colors...

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