Ways in Which Your Browser Impacts Your Website Performance

Did you know that your website may look different when viewed across various browsers? Depending on the   Website Performance


browser that a visitor is using, some elements of your website may appear different, which may mean a poor user experience and even losing sales from potential customers. Understand Your Customers When Designing Your Website Optimizing your website to be best displayed on only one major browser may not be good for business. Ideally, your site should be designed to display well across the major browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. This means your designer will need to use updated code that is likely to be output in the same fashion across the major browsers. Related: Website Makeover: 6 Warning Signals You Should Not Ignore When you hire someone to design your website, it’s important that the designer understands your target market and the browsers that they are likely to be using. For example, if you make plugins for a Mac software, you want your website to look best in Safari. This is because most people with Macs use often use Safari over Internet Explorer. Improve Website User Experience Across Different Browsers During the design phase, your designer should test your site regularly across the major browsers as he progresses with the work. The last thing you want is a fully functional website that works great in Firefox, but crashes in Chrome or another browser. Testing how the site is displayed in different browsers during the design and development phase can help you save costs, especially if the designer is charging you hourly. While the major browsers are frequently updated, some users may be using outdated ones. On the same note, some updates may make some elements on your website incompatible with the browser. This is especially common if you are using custom plugins, JavaScript, and Flash elements. Therefore, even as your designer strives to make your website compatible with the different browsers, he also has to deal with the different versions of each browser. Related: 6 Important Rules for Creating an Attractive Web Design A professional web design company will be abreast with the changes in web browsers, and will update your website to ensure good user experience


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