How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

Building Personal Brand

Whether you are applying to jobs, starting out on a new business venture, or wanting to market yourself as a freelancer for hire, you need to develop a personal brand, and that personal brand needs to make itself seen and known online.

Getting your name in front of people is simply not enough to make your personal brand...

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The Significance of Infographics in Brand Building

Infographics have become very popular on websites and in social media partly because the combination of text and an image delivers information quickly, especially if the text includes comparative statistics. Images have become the standard for posting on social media sites like Facebook and Google+ because they capture people's attention better than posts with all text. Use the following information about infographics to help build...

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8 Tools to Choose a Business Name for Brand Building

When it comes to starting a business, good name might be all you have with regard to brand equity--so you better pick a good name.

There's a lot riding on the name you choose for your business: initial responses from the market, differentiation, brand recognition. But sometimes choosing just the right name can be challenging. Sometimes there are too many options, other times too few. Sometimes you feel like you can't think of any options.

But don't worry, the internet has...

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How Mobile Apps Are Helping Build Brand Loyalty

Just how much is your company committed to brand loyalty? It has become a top priority for most businesses, both large and small because of how much emphasis has been put on ensuring that customer gets a personalized, memorable experience. If they don't feel like they have that experience, then they can just as easily complain about your

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Coming Up With Your Brand Name: Mind Over Google

Over time some brand names are so well established in our daily lives that they become action verbs for things we do rather than proper names for things we use. For example, Xerox is not just a company, it's a procedure for duplicating paper documents and Google is not just a search engine, it's the action we take to find information. Pop Tarts and Chap Stick are registered trademarks for specific products, but they've evolved into catch-all for toaster pastries and lip balm, respectively.

How do certain...

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Who is on the Social Media and Where

If your business is primarily B2C you need to be where your customers are.  All arguments about not having the time or money take a back seat when you actually know where your customers are. has come out with statistics on social media behavior. The statistics are primarily based on US demographics.

The surprising result is the young and tech savvy below 30 crowd’s presence is as strong as the 35 to 45 year crowd.

Here is a breakdown of where to find your consumers as per the age...

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