How Mobile Apps Are Helping Build Brand Loyalty

Just how much is your company committed to brand loyalty? It has become a top priority for most businesses, both large and small because of how much emphasis has been put on ensuring that customer gets a personalized, memorable experience. If they don't feel like they have that experience, then they can just as easily complain about your How to Leverage a Mobile App to Build Your Business Brand?service or products publicly online. This is also why brand loyalty has become a two way street--customers can develop loyalty and businesses also need to be loyal to their core users. One of the best ways to do this successfully is through mobile apps. Those same apps on your smartphone are a direct link to your customers, allowing you to create memorable experiences that keep them coming back and making your business top priority. Just how can mobile apps provide this? Here are some ideas below:

  • A major airline can develop an app that caters to their customers’ needs, such as checking flight times, storing a digital version of their ticket, and redeeming frequent flyer miles. All of this can be done in real time and make the customer inclined to use the airline more often when they travel.
  • Nowadays, rewarding loyal customers can be done in a much easier and quicker fashion with apps. Customer activity can be easily logged and monitored through an app, which in turn lets you provide incentives such as personalized discounts or freebies. Showing your appreciation means happier customers willing to share your brand on social media and returning with repeat business.
  • Finally, curating information for the customer through a mobile app can mean building up "brand evangelists" for your company. When you're constantly providing content that your target customers like and consistently want to share, you have established a strong brand relationship that can be activated in real time, monitored, and edited on the fly. Doesn't that sound much better than waiting months for data and then having to tweak your brand loyalty strategy?

Sangeeta Kumar

Sangeeta Kumar is the Vice President of Web Marketing for GMR Web Team, a global online marketing, strategy, development and maintenance agency. Sangeeta is a jack-of-all-trades kinda person in the world of Internet marketing, excelling in market research to come up with a strategy based on the latest trends to get a website on page 1. She knows her stuff and enjoys a good discussion on SEO anywhere, anytime.

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