4 Tips to Attune Your Site for Greater MCommerce Capability

Mobile commerce, or simply mCommerce, has seen exponential growth over the last five years. As smartphones and other mobile devices become affordable, more people are switching their old basic feature phones for these feature-rich devices. According to data from the Pew Research Center, 56% of American adults have a smartphone.

For online business owners, this finding means one thing: make their stores accessible for users on mobile devices or risk losing significant amount of sales. If you have

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How Mobile Apps Are Helping Build Brand Loyalty

Just how much is your company committed to brand loyalty? It has become a top priority for most businesses, both large and small because of how much emphasis has been put on ensuring that customer gets a personalized, memorable experience. If they don't feel like they have that experience, then they can just as easily complain about your

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4 Mobile-Savvy Tips for Mid-Sized Businesses to Stay Competitive

Over a third of all online searches are now done on mobile devices and this trend is still growing. One of the most important things to remember about mobile users is that they search differently than desktop users. While desktop users work in relaxed environments in the comfort of a home or office, mobile users are usually on the go, either riding in a car or another vehicle or walking around while shopping. However, the majority of mobile users are usually trying to pass time. Mobile requires more immediacy and brevity. Here are some tips to...

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6 Effective Strategies to Make Your Mobile Marketing Count

In terms of advertising, mobile marketing is the new Facebook. It is on the front lines of an advertising revolution supported by our need to digitize the world. That said, it’s important to have a strong mobile marketing campaign in place. Here are six steps that will help your campaign turn a profit.

Call Tracking from Google Mobile Paid Search Insert clickable and trackable contact numbers in your Google

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5 Ideas to Get Your App Off the Ground

Bear in mind that, as you prepare to launch your app, both it’s relevance and ease of use will determine its success. Here are five ways to get your app off the ground and working for you: Know Your Market If you own a cleaning service, launch an app that speaks to stay-at-home moms. An app geared toward middle-aged men will not drive results. Ensure that your app includes an interactive section about the environmental benefits of the chemicals you use. Get Them Talking Listen to the feedback that

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4 Key Elements In Mobile Advertising

Statistical evidence and technological advancement suggest that the next great advertising platform is going to be built on mobile devices. To maximize on adverts displayed on mobile devices, there are four core factors that you must consider: location, time of the day/week, user behavior and the weather. In essence, it is not safe to assume that the owner of a specific smartphone will be at a given location at a specific time. This means that displaying ads that target a specific geographic region should be approached differently, with a

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