Why Responsive Email Design Has Become So Vital Today [Infographic]

Why Responsive Email Design Has Become So Vital TodayYou would think with all the messaging services out there, email would have gone extinct by now. Instead, it has become even more vital for brands to utilize properly in order to get front and center with their target audience. This is mostly thanks to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, you still need to have top notch design. In particular, responsive email design.

Just like with responsive websites, responsive email helps cater exactly to mobile users who are accounting for a big chunk of Internet users these days. More and more people are looking online or replying to messages on their mobile devices and that means you need to have that in mind with your design. Websites can already shrink or automatically fit for smaller screens to make navigating easy and so can emails with the right kind of template.

Mobile Responsive Emails

Enter the mobile responsive email. Your text, buttons, and call to action can all be easier to read and interact with on a smaller screen, which will more than likely be the case. If your email doesn't respond well to mobile screens then you are going to miss out on potential customers that could even completely unsubscribe to your email campaigns. When that happens, your numbers can plummet and you won't be reaching the types of goals you want to.

Instead, responsive email design ensures that all of your target audience can be met with expectations way beyond what they are used to. They will have a beautifully designed email template to go through without the hassle of trying to find your call to action or the right button they want to push. There doesn't have to be pinching or zooming out on the screen, just a nicely designed template so you don't have to worry about it.

Want to know why responsive email design has become even more vital? Well, folks at Instiller have created an infographic that explains the same.

Responsive Email Design is no longer optional

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