Predictions That Will Revamp Digital Marketing in 2015

Planning and good planning is a marketer’s weapon. So here’s a sneak peek for businesses and marketers as to what will matter in 2015.

Content Is and Will Continue to be the Most Vital Factor

Inspired content will make a difference. Lots of companies and businesses out there are creating good content. How will you stand out? The secret lies in mapping the content to the purchase funnel. For the bottom of the funnel keep content light and...

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5 Basic Maintenance Drive Your Ecommerce Site Needs

Once you have your website, the most difficult part of creating and operating an e-commerce store is over. However, now you must be concerned with the maintenance.

Your business relies on your site being functional and appealing all of the time, which is why maintenance is vital to keeping your website current and fixing issues as soon as they arise.

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What You Need to Know Before Geo-tagging Images

A relative newcomer on the SEO scene is the use of geo-tagging images as part of the overall website design for web pages, landing pages, and online marketing content. If you are still not sure what geo-tagging is or you want to know more about it, here are a few things you need to know before geo-tagging images on your websites, pages, and other online content.

What is Geo-Tagging? Geo-tagging is the use of location-specific information as part of an image's on-page data. This...

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Search Engine Land Summit: Different Leaders, One Perspective

So, I finally made it to Seattle! Seattle’s weather was at its best and the sea smelt great. The number of participants was mind boggling.

The first speaker at SEL Summit was Duane Forrester from Microsoft. He spoke of how local search is changing, and how to change the way to market. Apps rule the roost and examples stating the same were of Tesla Cars, Smart Refrigerators and Navigation System Advertising. The local search behavior is changing. Mobiles, Tablets, Phablets and...

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Smart Strategies to Sell Your First Product Online

If you’re new to internet marketing and selling products online, it can seem like a complicated world. While there are obviously many different companies working with various distributors to sell products over the internet, it can be particularly challenging to figure out what it is you should be selling. Instead of playing the guessing game and simply trying a product out and hoping it works, use these smart strategies to help...

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8 Ways You Can Build a Better Relationship With Your SEO Provider

The Internet plays a vital role in linking businesses and their target audiences. Consumers are flocking to the Internet and using a versatile set of mobile devices to stay connected. Your company's online presence must be competitive, original, and appealing, or you could risk losing potential clients and viable leads. Don't lose your online marketing edge due to a failing relationship with your SEO provider. Here are...

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Matt Cutts Advocates Aggressive Disavowal of Bad Links

Matt Cutts, Google's authority on SEO, released a video explaining how web owners can disavow links in order for penalized sites to get a fresh new start. He says that anyone who has hired a SEO company that resulted in bad links can use the disavow tool aggressively. In some cases website owners may want to disavow entire months or years of bad links, depending on how sever they have impacted your site. Read This Post »

Importance of Checklists for Small Business Websites

A checklist helps keep a website within the realm of bringing value and traffic to the business. Avoiding a checklist can lead to missing out on important components that could help the site's success. Since websites can be complex--depending on your business goals--it's a good idea to review the following expert tips and use them as a guide for your web development. Content Content development is by far the most important...

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