10 LinkedIn Optimization Tips to Boost Your Personal Brand

How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Persence

LinkedIn is a useful social network for speeding up a job search and connecting with desirable employers. It's also a resource viewed favorably by employers, who use it as a tool to accelerate their search for appropriate candidates. The network has over 3 million company profiles while over 88% of Fortune 100 companies use it for recruiting. Here are 10 useful tips to maximize this powerful resource in your quest for...

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How to Strategize Your Job Hunt Using Social Media

Social media has been proven to be a fertile ground for lead generation. Typically, social media is associated with lead generation for B2B marketing. However, it can also be a fine replacement for a monotonous spray and pray job hunt. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can use social media to help you land a job: Continuity and Completion of Your Profile Ensure that all of your online profiles are complete and identical to one another. Update them as needed to reflect your most relevant skills. The more recruiters know about you, the quicker the process will be should they reach out to you for an...

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Digital Marketing Tools You Must Include in Your Action Plan

Digital marketing is taking the business environment by storm and most marketers are readily embracing it. The force behind this change is technology. You cannot ignore today’s technology and thrive in the competitive market. Take your marketing digital by use of the following tools:

  • Google search. This is a universal digital marketing tool that will make your products and services known globally. It directs a vast number...

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