Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Tips for 2020

The past few years have seen a monumental shift in marketing. The internet has led to an easier access of information as well as the growth of online businesses. Today, most people use the internet for everything, including researching their health. Your future patients will find your practice by searching online or through other online channels.

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5 Ways Your Prospective Patients Learn About You [And What You Can Do To Acquire Them]

I am sure you already know how your prospective patients learn about you. Let me refresh the reason and share the specific strategies you need to implement to convert those prospects into patients.

How prospective patients learn about you:

  1. They find you online. Many patients turn to Google when looking for a healthcare provider – Almost everyone now searches for services, including...

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How to Get More Patients to Your Clinic: A 7-Step Guide for Doctors

The patient acquisition cycle starts with acquiring new patients and keeps advancing with retaining them as your loyal customers, and further keeps on revolving with getting more number of patients referred by your existing happy patients, and so on. The fuel that keeps on rotating this cycle to get more patients is derived from an inspiration of providing an exceptional patient experience

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