Planning A Mobile-Friendly Website – Learn Your Options First

Gone are the days when webmasters used to trick search engines by exploiting loopholes in the ranking mechanism. Now with everyday advancements and frequent algorithmic changes happening in search engine industry, the focus is on delivering value to the (searchers) users. Even Google says, "Don’t optimize your website for search engines; optimize it for your visitors and for their ease and usability."

What is the need for a mobile-friendly website?

According to the

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A Guide to Go Mobile-Friendly As Google Watches Out

More and more people are using the Internet on their mobile devices, it is important for all webmasters and business owners to adopt changes as per the industry standards. Google has also announced recently that mobile friendliness will be considered as ranking signals. Therefore, people are looking for ideas to make their website compatible to the changes suggested by Google.

Keeping all such needs of modern business...

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Google AdWords Top Movers Report Gets an Update

Beginning this week, AdWords will be having a more simplified Top movers report so that any of the users can spot and make improvements in their account more easily than ever.

What has improved?

One such upgrade in the AdWords top movers report is the inclusion of a summary table that will show you the top as well as the total changes in “Costs”, “Clicks”, “Converted clicks” and “Conversions”. [See image]

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How to Maximize Returns from Your PPC Marketing Budget

Pay Per Click marketing strategies are still viable even with the presence of content marketing, mobile marketing, and other areas of emerging marketing trends. In fact, PPC is even more important because it can go hand in hand with your content, which can result in higher ROI and net conversions. However, any business using PPC, no matter the platform, needs to make sure they look into PPC audit companies to help them maximize their returns.

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How to Efficiently Recycle Search Engine Marketing Work for Success

Search engine marketers at PPC audit companies need to devise ways to get the best ROI from their marketing campaigns. And when a campaign is successful, there should be ways to scale it up and deploy to different channels quickly and efficiently. One strategy that the PPC team can use is recycling successful campaigns.

Deploy Campaigns on Multiple Channels

If you are having success with a campaign on Google, use the same data...

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How to Avoid Web Design Disasters and Welcome Visitors to Your Site

The Internet has brought many very interesting tasks and considerations into the business world. It is an odd place where amazing sites, such as one that provide instruction and inspiration, reside in the same space as sites that are parasitic and harmful. It can make it very difficult for visitors to know which sites are serious and which are scams.

As a business, this is something that you have to keep in mind when designing your site. Website design plays an extremely important...

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Google AdWords to Remove Untapped Entities from Your Account

With the onset of March 23, 2015, Google AdWords will start removing all those ads which have not accumulated a single impression or have been removed for more than 100 days. This announcement featured on AdWords Help Center also states that once such ads are removed, you won’t be able to access them at all.

This move by AdWords will end the complexities of your AdWords account so that you can have a better experience while working with it. Here is an example from Google AdWords to make this clearer --

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Call-Only Ad: A New Feature in Google AdWords

Google AdWords has added a new ad type called “Call-only Ad” recently for some of the accounts. The new ad type will help advertisers put their own phone numbers into the ad. This will enable call the business directly. Now, with this new feature mobile advertisers have an option to create Call Only Ads in their account, which will give them a more precise way to manage click to call conversions for their account.

Call Only Ad: A New Feature in Google AdWords

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