Challenges of Keyword Research Only Marketers Realize

Keywords are the building blocks for content as well as high rankings in search engines. If you become a master of keyword selection, you will have an edge over competitors who are not when it comes to search results. One of the ongoing problems that every webmaster faces, however, is that search engines keep evolving and changing their methods. The following nuances are reminders to marketers of challenges in the keyword research process.

Challenges of Keyword Research

  1. Neither Google nor Yahoo still provides search query data for finding websites anymore.

  2. Sometimes keywords that seem popular have zero monthly searches, which should be avoided.

  3. A plural form of a keyword may be more advantageous than the singular form due to better search volume.

  4. You should avoid keywords in which your competitors already dominate and try to find alternative synonyms in which they are not dominant.

  5. Pages that drive a substantial amount of traffic are not always based on obvious keywords.

  6. The keyword tool does not always give marketers a relevant list of keyword variations.

  7. Not all clients understand the definition of long tail keywords.

  8. There are times when Google's keyword planner cannot be accessed due to maintenance.

  9. As important as keywords are, overusing them in titles or content is considered spam by search engines and can lead to lower rankings.

  10. Clients can hurt their own sites when they try to stick with keywords they've used for over a decade and refuse to change them.

  11. Popular keywords might be demanded by clients who do not understand that there is far too much competition for them when alternative keywords would make more sense.

  12. Not all keyword tools use spell-check and can sometimes lead to a keyword being misspelled, which can ultimately hurt the site's credibility.

  13. Page optimization requires using a keyword naturally, but sometimes clients request using keywords in awkward ways.

  14. Keywords should correspond with customer personas so that you know you are connecting with words they already likely use in search engines.

  15. Geography and niches work well together for building keyword phrases.


Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the Founder and President of GMR Web Team, a leading healthcare digital marketing agency. He guides small and medium size healthcare practices/businesses in customizing their online marketing strategy, focused on building a loyal base of patients and improving their patient acquisition. Ajay believes in an improved patient experience as the key to successful healthcare business, which can be accomplished with the right marketing plan in place.

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