Bing's Webmaster Guideline Warns Against Keyword Stuffing

While many web developers have been focusing on the myriad updates in the seemingly never-ending parade of changes made by search engine, Google, when it comes to making sure a website has been designed to comply with the Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds and other assorted animals in the Google menagerie, some have failed to pay attention to the guidelines of Google's primary competition. Somewhat slow to make known that particular practices are frowned upon in their establishment, Bing has slipped in a few changes to their webmaster guidelines that put keyword-stuffers on notice that their websites can be demoted in search engine results or even removed from result lists altogether. The practice of keyword-stuffing has been considered a "black hat" SEO tactic for quite some time now. Black hat tactics consist of those web design practices for SEO that create a rapidly upward ranking placement for websites due to practices that are, at best, unethical or unprofessional. While the quick rise to the top that is achieved through black hat SEO tactics like keyword-stuffing is an ascent desired by all websites, the long and just as rapid drop back to the bottom is one that cannot be avoided when these types of design strategies are employed. Bing, the other major player in the search engine realm, made it known recently that web developers who engage in the practice of keyword-stuffing to achieve artificially inflated ranking placement will face penalties if and when the practice is detected. While underhanded tactics like keyword-stuffing can provide a website with a speedy leap to the top of the pile when it comes to search results, the brief burst of visibility is fleeting. The best way to ensure that your site gets optimal ranking is by using SEO methods that produce consistent, if more slowly realized, results. While your climb to the top may not be as quick as you'd see if you did employ black hat strategies, your longevity at the summit will last significantly longer. For those who still want to do it the dirty way, "Bing it on!"

Sangeeta Kumar

Sangeeta Kumar is the Vice President of Web Marketing for GMR Web Team, a global online marketing, strategy, development and maintenance agency. Sangeeta is a jack-of-all-trades kinda person in the world of Internet marketing, excelling in market research to come up with a strategy based on the latest trends to get a website on page 1. She knows her stuff and enjoys a good discussion on SEO anywhere, anytime.

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