Bing's Webmaster Guideline Warns Against Keyword Stuffing

While many web developers have been focusing on the myriad updates in the seemingly never-ending parade of changes made by search engine, Google, when it comes to making sure a website has been designed to comply with the Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds and other assorted animals in the Google menagerie, some have failed to pay attention to the guidelines of Google's primary competition. Somewhat slow to make known that particular practices are frowned upon in their establishment, Bing has slipped in a few changes to their webmaster guidelines that put keyword-stuffers on notice that their websites can be demoted in search engine results or...

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Digital Marketing Tools You Must Include in Your Action Plan

Digital marketing is taking the business environment by storm and most marketers are readily embracing it. The force behind this change is technology. You cannot ignore today’s technology and thrive in the competitive market. Take your marketing digital by use of the following tools:

  • Google search. This is a universal digital marketing tool that will make your products and services known globally. It directs a vast number...

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Coming Up With Your Brand Name: Mind Over Google

Over time some brand names are so well established in our daily lives that they become action verbs for things we do rather than proper names for things we use. For example, Xerox is not just a company, it's a procedure for duplicating paper documents and Google is not just a search engine, it's the action we take to find information. Pop Tarts and Chap Stick are registered trademarks for specific products, but they've evolved into catch-all for toaster pastries and lip balm, respectively.

How do certain companies achieve a level of recognition so great and widespread that their products or services become...

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