6 Important Rules for Creating an Attractive Web Design

Creating a website is not difficult. With the many available WYSIWYG design software and easy-to-use content management systems, anyone can easily design a website. However, what separates novice designers from experts has to do more with skills and talent.

Below are six important elements that make an aesthetically pleasing website which will get noticed among the masses.

Website Design

1. Content Balance Designers can play with both graphics and text to create a balanced website. Ensure your website content does not end up tipping attention to one side of the page. Check that your text, image, video and other contents are balanced on the website plane, symmetrically or asymmetrically.

2. Color Scheme Use colors sparingly. Ideally, choose two or three base colors and build your palette with lighter or darker shades from them. The color scheme should complement the brand of the business that you are designing the website for.

Great color schemes border on the creativity of the designer and are easier to pull off with experience.

3. White Space White space makes it easy for the eye to discover elements on the webpage, brings a sense of balance, and unclutters the page. White space is particularly helpful in making content readable without seeming congested. Proper use of white space takes time to pull off right.

4. Typography Typography relates to the types of font used on the website and how they appear online. Unlike print, where it’s easy to control typography, the web is dynamic. The typeface you use may be projected differently to users accessing the website on different devices and browsers.

5. Graphics Good graphics make a website stand out. Good does not mean flashy. Rather, it relates to consistency and complementarity of the graphics. One does not need to be an expert illustrator to create good graphics for a website. Solid Photoshop skills and some stock photos can transform the graphics of your site.

6. Connection Connection refers to the consistency and unity of all the elements that make the website stand out. For instance, the pages of the site should be balanced, have complementing graphics, and use consistent typography.

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