Designing a Website to Have Maximum Impact on Your Audience

While designing your website your main concern should be your audience. The people who visit and interact with your website are the reason that you are creating one in the first place, right" While designing your website strategy, these are the aspects you need to keep in mind:


Predefine the look and feel of your website in terms of the color palette, imagery and visuals. What kind of impression do you want your audience to have of your company" How is your website enabling that" Look at both your...

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January 2012 Google Search Updates

Although the January 2012 Google updates are less noteworthy than the initial introduction of Panda, they provide evidence that the search engine giant continues to focus on providing results that are faster, more timely and more accurate.

Finding Only the Freshest Results

Minor improvements were made to the freshness update that Google implemented in November. "Freshness" refers to search results with an element of timeliness, such as hot topics or recent events. The latest change in this area involves an...

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Increase Your YouTube Subscribers: The Power of Video Marketing

YouTube is the largest video sharing website and is second only to Facebook as being the most popular website in the world. It is a misconception that YouTube is just for funny videos of teenagers looking for fame. Many businesses, from insurance companies to grocery chains, utilize video marketing on YouTube to better promote their products and services.

Having a successful website strategy can help you develop a YouTube strategy....

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What to Look for When Outsourcing Your Website

For small businesses, it is essential that every dollar is wisely invested for the long term success for the organization. With an uncertain economic outlook and customers becoming more conservative in regards to their spending habits, it is important that smaller firms devise a robust website strategy.

The most important factor to ensure that efforts put forth toward utilizing the Internet in reaching potential customers is to cater to their...

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How to Get Your Blog Noticed

Blogging is a tough art to master. You can write the most fascinating, thought-provoking content, but without readers, what's the point? Popularizing your blog is crucial to the success of your blog. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to fortify its reputation and increase its viewership.

Maintain a professional look. Keep a clean, professional design for your blog that complements your writing style. A well-kept blog...

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You There

A recent infographic released by mashable shows that almost all small businesses have accounts over all channels of social media. They are actively involved too. Almost 62% of these businesses post 8 plus comments a week.

  • 78% of them have twitter accounts
  • 75% of them have FB accounts.

Does it make business sense?

Yes it does. On an average a business profile gets around 5 comments a day while a personal profile may get 3 comments a day. The level of engagement on twitter is more compared to facebook....

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SMS India- Update2

Giilian Muessig at SMSIndia reveled that 4 letter keywords are the keywords that convert most!!

This is one of the best tips I ever had. Is the team listening? Should be easier to pick up the keywords now.

Ian McAnerin and John Barron took a fantastic session on In-house Search Marketing Mix and Budgeting. The issues covered the actual nitty gritty of website strategy planning and budget allocation. They fielded questions well and I learnt a lot. Hope to pass some of it to my clients.

Ian is terrific when it comes to...

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