How to Grow Local Customer Base in Orange County

Local businesses need to focus on customer acquisition and retention to achieve their revenue objectives. There are various online marketing strategies that business are looking for, like better website design in Orange County to reach prospective customers in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

To get more leads and customers for your business, it is important to understand local marketing principles.

Below are 6 ways in which you generate leads and grow your customer base in OC:

  1. Get Listed on Local...

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5 Ways to Put Some FUN Into Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Internet marketing can be boring, BUT it can be fun, too. Add some jazz to your campaign and watch as your customers get out of their seats and join in on the action. Get Your Social On Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important ways of introducing your business to and engaging your customers. While Facebook has been getting all the attention in this regard, Twitter has picked up steam fast and Pinterest is gaining ground too. By posting tweets relevant to your niche, it is more likely that those who follow you will have an interest in your business. Make sure to...

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Web Trends for 2012: How SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Web Design & Analytics Will Change

Since the inception of the Internet, how a business has shaped its Internet presence has changed from simple webpages to flashy websites and full-fledged social media fueled marketing campaigns. Companies must not only consider how they present themselves, but must also be cognizant of the methods used to make their presence known. SEO Factors Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important if a business intends to make money online. Even a business that uses the Internet just to establish a presence or announce themselves an expert in their field has to carefully choose its keywords, and make sure it presents content...

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Simple SEO Tips & Tricks

At the center of every business's online marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Mastering the art of SEO is no simple task. Although SEO may appear to be a daunting challenge, consider the follow simple yet effective methods to help jumpstart your SEO campaign.

  1. Keywords! You should be conscious of placing relevant keywords across every page of your website. Keywords are essentially the words someone uses to stumble across a website via a search engine (like Google, Yahoo!, MSN). Therefore, its in your best interest to include as many appropriate ones as possible! There are many great online tools to help with...

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Be Warned of the Cons of Social Media Marketing

In our last post we put a compiled list of the pros of SMM to enable you to reach your objective for online marketing. In this post we cover the cons. We believe (and hope you do too) that knowing the cons will reduce the number of mistakes you are going to make!


  • Information on the social web moves fast, but often at the expense of deeper personal relationships. Marketers, while they can reach customers in new ways and get feedback from them faster than ever before, still aren't personalizing communications and...

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Social Media Marketing Pros Compiled

Earlier the question was Should we do social media marketing" Now the question is what platform is suitable for social media marketing. SMM works best when combined with offsite marketing and helps cut down offsite marketing costs by continuing with the hype created by the offsite initiative online.

Compiled below is a list of social media marketing pros. Once you have them in a single place it is easier to chalk out your social media objective. Once the objective is clear you can easily choose the right SMM platform for your...

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