Online Reputation Management: Making Patient Engagement More Effective

Why do you need Online Reputation Management (ORM)? ORM is a process focused on managing online patient engagement for you and your practice. It deals with influencing patients’ perceptions about you by ensuring that your reviews are accurately representing your services. ORM’s strategies focus on countering and overshadowing negative online reviews with more positive reviews, and proactively intercepting potential negative reviews. The purpose is to improve the way people talk about you and your practice, which in turn will boost your credibility and help you gain new patients.

Patients are increasingly...

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Why Dental Care Practices Need to Manage Their Online Reputation

In times when online reviews are playing a decisive role in customers' decision making, healthcare providers cannot just sit back with folded hands, and let the online reviews freely shape the public image and opinion about their practice. Not contributing with your inputs as a provider can give rise to the polarity of thoughts on review websites, which can lead to a situation where your prospective patients aren’t able to get the actual picture of patient satisfaction for your practice. What providers should do is take some responsibility, and manage (without interfering with the point of view or the originality of...

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