GMR Web Team Features in Google Partners’ Community

Google AdWords is the most renowned PPC (pay-per-click) search advertising program. In the present aura, search engine advertising can truly be an effective marketing tool for small businesses and should be incorporated in your digital marketing strategy.

Google Partners’ Community

Google AdWords is a great marketing tool for small businesses especially if you are...

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Google Algorithm Updates: Time to Rethink Your SEO Strategy

The rules for SEO have changed dramatically over the years the more Google matures and weeds out spam. In 2013, Google provided further updates to Penguin and Panda and then introduced Hummingbird. In the process, many webmasters in 2014 may be wondering if SEO still matters or if it has become too complex to worry about. But even these ground breaking changes have not altered Google's goal to serve the most relevant search results, so in many ways these updates are merely fine tuning what the search engine has been aiming for all...

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Google+ Retires Local Apps Due to Low Usage Rate

Google has dropped Google+ Local Apps, which was designed to help iOS users learn from reviews in their circles about local businesses, particularly restaurants. The reviews contained customer scores for food, service, decor and other factors. Part of the reason for the discontinuation was dropping usage, but another factor was many of the features are already integrated into the Google Maps for mobile devices, which represents the convergence of several online trends.

Even though Google+ became the number two social network behind...

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Google Search Celebrates Its 15th Birthday Today

Google is celebrating its 15th birthday with an interactive piñata doodle. Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software and online advertising technologies. Most of its profits are derived from AdWords. Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California, is...

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Why Marketers Must Pay Attention to Google's Quality Score Change

In August 2013, Google changed Quality Score reporting to AdWords by better integrating three sub factors: expected click-through rate, landing page experience and ad relevance. While the way Quality Score is calculated has not changed, the reporting changes can affect relevancy and bid rates. Understanding the effects of these changes will help with using the AdWords report better to assess ad success. Quality Scores Increased After the implantation of these changes, very low scores decreased significantly while high...

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Google Relaunches Zagat Experience for Both Web and Mobile

Google is helping nightlife seekers easily track down local restaurants and nightclubs with Zagat, which provides ratings and reviews based on customer surveys. Google announced the relaunch of the Zagat website and mobile app for Android and iPhone in the summer of 2013. One of the new features of this relaunch will be the appearance of editorial videos and curated lists of local establishments for searches such as "best organic food in San Francisco."

Zagat, which has rated restaurants with a 30 point system since its inception in...

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Google Upgrades AdWords Quality Score Reporting

Online advertisers who use Google's AdWords platform can now get a better idea how well their campaigns are working as Google fine tunes its reporting. Quality Score is a rating of keywords on a scale of 1-10. Google has just updated how this score relates to expected click through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience. The purpose of the update is to help advertisers evaluate and improve their ads based on visibility and expected performance. Google has not changed how Quality Score is calculated for keywords, so the new...

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Can Google Authorship Result in a Huge Traffic Decline?

Google Authorship is a set of tools designed to connect web content with the Google+ profile of the content creator. Authorship can help your search rankings, as it assigns "Author Ranking" to your content. One of the advantages of setting up Authorship is that it indexes writers in Google's search engine and matches them with their articles and blogs. Authorship is still in its infancy and now there are concerns about how it affects search and traffic results.

A web owner named Alex Yumashev of using Authorship noticed...

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Will Mobile Apps Be Google’s Failure?

Google is by far the most popular search engine and based on data gathered by Statistic Brain, the average number of daily searches in 2012 was 5,134,000,000. Revenue hit $50 billion during that year and founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin celebrated Google's 14th birthday.

Despite the fact that a large portion of Internet users turn to this search engine to find virtually anything on the web, it seems that smartphone users are spending more time on apps. Approximately 80% of...

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