6 Golden Rules to Boost Your Website User’s Experience

Website design is an important part of your online marketing strategy and should be tailored for the best conversions. Online visitors have a very short attention span and it’s the work of the designer to capture their attention and strategically lead them towards the conversion path. Below are 6 rules designers should follow to improve website user experience and ensure the best conversion rate:

  1. Avoid using too many links Avoid placing too many...

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UX and Digital Marketing: Do Their Paths Intersect?

“Is the user experience (UX) finally fully integrated into the digital marketing mix?”

This question seems simple, but it’s actually quite provocative. Mostly because it begs a follow-up question: “Should it be?”

Change is the one constant for a digital marketing agency, and digital marketing tools and techniques seem to change like the weather. This causes a natural tension between old-guard techniques (which could be less...

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