5 Ways to Surprise Your Customers This Thanksgiving

The holiday season is a time when most consumers are flooded with advertisements for sales, and companies are looking for ways to get them to buy as much as possible. For the savvy consumer, this can feel a little overwhelming, and it can even make some people resentful of the companies they do business with.

If you don’t want your company to be a part of the group consumers resent for their relentless holiday pressure, chances are you’ll need to do something to show them that you value them for more...

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Time to Honor Our Harvesters: Happy Thanksgiving Day!

You may never wonder how your fruits, vegetables and meats get to your kitchen table, other than that you pick them up in neatly packaged bundles at your local grocery store or supermarket. Perhaps it is time to give that some thought. This Thanksgiving, take time to be grateful for where that food comes from and the people who work tirelessly to provide it for your nourishment and enjoyment. Farm workers are among the lowest paid individuals in the United States, or any country for that matter. In general, they are also looked down upon by...

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