Importance of Checklists for Small Business Websites

A checklist helps keep a website within the realm of bringing value and traffic to the business. Avoiding a checklist can lead to missing out on important components that could help the site's success. Since websites can be complex--depending on your business goals--it's a good idea to review the following expert tips and use them as a guide for your web development. Content Content development is by far the most important aspect of any website because it's what users and search engines are looking for. Without...

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Professional CV vs. LinkedIn Profile

Social media has always been a big part of the job interview process, even before the rise of the Internet. Your professional resume is a form of professional media, but with the rise of the LinkedIn profile, there is definitely another route to take if you are looking for a job.

Even though you can place yourself online in 1000 different places, a professional CV will never lose its relevance. Even if you put your CV online, you have much more control over that then you would over a public media profile. You can easily update your online CV, and you can also direct different job opportunities towards different versions of your CVs...

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Convert Facebook Fans Into Brand Advocates

Every business has to have an Internet strategy for bringing in new clients, new customers, and new fans. Social media can be used to a great effect to produce a greater "bump" for their bottom line. Having any sort of website strategy has to involve not only Facebook, but other social media outlets that will allow the business to gain as many followers as possible.

The best way to make more out of your internet presence...

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Twitter: Beauty in Simplicity

In this social media dominated era, companies like Facebook are continually adding new technology, expanding features and essentially trying to be everything to everybody. However, Twitter has embraced an unconventional ideology in an attempt to appeal to the masses: simplicity. It's this simplicity that makes Twitter so attractive to millions of people. For businesses, if done right, Twitter's minimalism presents an opportunity to take businesses to the next level.

Because Twitter's learning curve is so low, it makes the process of starting up much easier and saves ample amounts of time that can be used elsewhere. As with any...

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The Fundamentals of Facebook and Twitter Content

Social media is making its mark on the world in many areas. Since the introduction of Facebook and Twitter, businesses have found numerous uses for these tools. Social media websites have served in public relations, marketing and sales roles, along with playing an increasingly large part in customer service. Tools that initially served to connect friends have now evolved into incredible business opportunities.

Not only can you share profiles and pictures with friends, but you can also share product promotions, discounts and...

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The Art of Exceptional Living and its Relevance for Students

Foreword: Jim Rohn and his business philosophy is what shaped GMR (Global Marketing Resources, LLC) to be a formidable online business today. As a result, deserving interns at GMR are coached in his philosophy when they join the company. Vishaal Prasad is a Senior at Irvine High School in California and is interning at Global Marketing Resources, LLC. The content below is an overview of Jim Rohns DVD. The Art of Exceptional Living.

Christopher Morgan Herrera

Associate Manager

In his two-part CD 'The Art of Exceptional Living, rags-to-riches millionaire Jim Rohn gives advice to his audience on how...

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Social Media’s Role in the Music Industry

The modern music industry and social media networks have become inseparable in the past year. On top of the advent of digital music, record labels and musicians are continuously adapting to the endless possibilities of the social media world, incorporating its features and new advents as a way to reach out to the scene and expand their fan base. In particular, Facebook has taken a predominant role with many...

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SMM Uhmm.. Advice

Okay guys, I know I have been on and on about social media in the last two posts, so I now want to wrap it up with some uhmm.. advice (of what you probably know).

  • Being too direct in your sales pitch could scare people away. So, think passive, think people with "how to's" "why's". Listen, share and be humble. Bragging about the money you are making is not going to win you friends.
  • When people add comments in response they might need a response from you. If available, follow or subscribe to the hot feeds that you have contributed to. This is vital to retaining customer loyalty and...

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