Response on Social Media Platforms

Social media has ensured that anyone can talk about anything including your company and how great it is or how it sucks (Aw!)

Are you there during the company bashing sessions on social media platforms?

It is very tough to track everything that is being said about you because even setting up a Google alert with the brand name or product name may not crawl through a social media platform. And that is exactly where the influencers and consumers are. This requires certain amount of manual work but it is worth...

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Who is on the Social Media and Where

If your business is primarily B2C you need to be where your customers are.  All arguments about not having the time or money take a back seat when you actually know where your customers are. has come out with statistics on social media behavior. The statistics are primarily based on US demographics.

The surprising result is the young and tech savvy below 30 crowd’s presence is as strong as the 35 to 45 year crowd.

Here is a breakdown of where to find your consumers as per the age...

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