Virtual Office Suites: Save on Space and Cost Together

Today’s technology has made many things possible that two decades ago would have been called science fiction. For businesses, the technological advances make the cost of doing business more affordable, especially when it comes to taking care of office space. Instead of having to pay for a whole group of suites, floor, or building, you can allow employees to work remotely. For meetings and other office needs, you can work from a virtual office.

Virtual offices are both more cost-efficient and more convenient than traditional offices....

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5 Essential iPad Applications for Small Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, you need to be aware of your resources. Lets have a look at 5 iPhone apps that all entrepreneurs should be using:Essential Small Business Productivity Ipad Apps Yelp You may be an entrepreneur, but you could find yourself assuming the role of an internal event planner. Consider using Yelp when looking for venues for your event planning needs. Yelp has thousands of listings of...

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