What You Need to Know Before Geo-tagging Images

A relative newcomer on the SEO scene is the use of geo-tagging images as part of the overall website design for web pages, landing pages, and online marketing content. If you are still not sure what geo-tagging is or you want to know more about it, here are a few things you need to know before geo-tagging images on your websites, pages, and other online content.

What is Geo-Tagging? Geo-tagging is the use of location-specific information as part of an image's on-page data. This information is not seen by site visitors but it is seen and used by search engines. The primary...

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Disadvantages of Relaunching Your Company Without 301 Redirects

Doing a company relaunch could include something simple like changing your business name, business plan or your logo. But, if you are doing something far more involved like changing your domain name to another domain name, you might be wondering if this really is the smart thing to do. One of the nice things about changing a domain name is that you can still have all the same benefits, but with a different domain URL. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business and had your domain for awhile now (a few years) or for a few months. Chances are people know your website for the domain name you have had since starting the...

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Matt Cutts: Google No Longer Has 100 Links Per Page Guideline

When content developers try to follow SEO guidelines too closely, they lose sight of the real goal, which is to create content for users, not search engines. Google's Matt Cutts has relieved many webmasters from the confusion over how many links are allowed on a web page. Many content creators were convinced the limit was 100 links per page, but Google has not used that guideline since pre-2008. Websites, in other words will not get punished by Google's algorithm if...

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Importance of Checklists for Small Business Websites

A checklist helps keep a website within the realm of bringing value and traffic to the business. Avoiding a checklist can lead to missing out on important components that could help the site's success. Since websites can be complex--depending on your business goals--it's a good idea to review the following expert tips and use them as a guide for your web development. Content Content development is by far the most important aspect of any website because it's what users and search engines are looking for. Without...

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A Few Common Goof-Ups Made on Small Business Websites

Small businesses are wise to create websites, but sometimes miss the point of what websites are about. Understanding that a website is not a get rich quick scheme is an important key to approaching web development. Here are common website mistakes made by impatient small businesses: Rushing to Make Sales Before your website can win the trust and loyalty of customers, you need to first learn about your target market from studying analytics and reading their comments. Getting too ambitious about sales can send the...

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