Why It's Not Early to Start Your PPC Christmas Campaign

As a business, you're already well aware that the holiday season is coming and everything that it can mean for your company. This is the time when businesses really go all out with their sales, promotions, and marketing in order to snag a piece of the billions that will be spent during the holiday blitz

Whether you're directly marketing to consumers or not, this is the busy season and that means ramping up your digital marketing efforts through things like PPC.

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7 Secrets to Save on Your PPC with Quality Score

Most of the PPC audit companies know that you have to spend enough time creating and maintaining your account to be successful for PPC Audit Program. What most don’t realize is that you can significantly improve your PPC Audit’s performance by optimizing and maintaining your quality score. In fact the highest quality scores save companies up to 50%. Here are seven things you can do to improve your quality score.

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Successful Adwords Campaigns Declassified

After a year of handling, running and auditing PPC campaigns at both national and local levels we discovered that we could actually advise people on how to run better and successful campaigns. And that too; for free!

The essence of a successful Adwords campaign is high ROIs. So it basically comes down to running campaigns at a comparative low costs and bringing in higher conversions.

Let’s go through the components of a local Adwords...

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