Website Makeover: 6 Warning Signals You Should Not Ignore

Is your website crying out for a makeover? When was the last time you updated the content? It's very important to remove outdated gimmicks from your site that the internet community became tired of long ago. It also helps to keep content fresh so that every time visitors use your site they find something new. Below are some of the key warning signs that your site needs a makeover. Fancy Intro At one time animated intros using Flash were considered tech savvy but eventually the technique was widely abandoned due to slow loading time and compatibility issues. Users now expect to find information quickly and if they don't...

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Why Acquiring Glancee is Just as Important as Instagram for Facebook

I’m sure you’ve heard the news - it is Facebook after all – that Facebook has acquired Glancee for an undisclosed amount of moolah. Speculation is still stirring on what they plan to do with the ‘friendly stalking’ app, but it’s quite simple. And while Instagram was purchased because its popularity and skyrocketing user base was starting to scare the social networking giant, Glancee has been gliding relatively under the radar since its inception in 2010. Let’s take a look at some numbers…

  • Facebook = over 840 million users
  • Instagram = over 35 million users
  • Foursquare = over 10 million...

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Boost Your Website Through Mobile Optimization

Desktop web browsers are fast and powerful. Their mobile counterparts, on the other hand, are generally less equipped (although they are speeding up everyday it seems). So it is paramount to remember that mobile-friendly websites need to be simple and efficient.

This can be achieved in several ways. First, when creating a mobile-friendly website, be sure to eliminate, or greatly limit, the number of images that are on the site. The screen resolution for most computer monitors is many times greater than...

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