6 Effective Strategies to Make Your Mobile Marketing Count

In terms of advertising, mobile marketing is the new Facebook. It is on the front lines of an advertising revolution supported by our need to digitize the world. That said, it’s important to have a strong mobile marketing campaign in place. Here are six steps that will help your campaign turn a profit.

Call Tracking from Google Mobile Paid Search Insert clickable and trackable contact numbers in your Google

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Mobile Algorithm Changes Can Affect Your Search Visibility

According to an assessment performed by Pure Oxygen Labs, only 56% of Fortune 100 companies are providing any kind of mobile content designed for smartphone users. This minimalist attitude toward optimizing content for mobile experiences could potentially take a large chunk out of these companies' rankings when it comes to where Google places them on search results, due to changes in Google's mobile algorithms.

Mobile industry statistics have shown and continue to support the importance of ensuring high quality optimization of website...

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4 Key Elements In Mobile Advertising

Statistical evidence and technological advancement suggest that the next great advertising platform is going to be built on mobile devices. To maximize on adverts displayed on mobile devices, there are four core factors that you must consider: location, time of the day/week, user behavior and the weather. In essence, it is not safe to assume that the owner of a specific smartphone will be at a given location at a specific time. This means that displaying ads that target a specific geographic region should be approached differently, with a

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Mobile Marketing: A Smart Tool for Local Businesses

Mobile Marketing means finding ways to market your product for a mobile phone audience. Smartphones, whether the iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other types, are becoming more widely used by people because of the technology and the quality of the Internet use. In fact, today 43% of all mobile phone users have smartphones, a staggering statistic that will only continue to balloon in the next five years. Different companies are beginning to target mobile ideas and henceforth become a Read This Post »