Bracing Up to the Challenges of Lean Periods in Business [Podcast]

Bracing Up to the Challenges of Lean Periods in Business Entrepreneurs have to tackle various challenges during the first years of business to stay afloat. While some startups have the going easier through VC funding, the majority are bootstrapped and have to make tough decisions to stay in business. Typical problems that entrepreneurs face include service or product offerings, pricing structure, customer acquisition, and legal issues. Listen...

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10 Amazing Father's Day Videos by Brands To Inspire You

10 Amazing Father's Day Brand Video Campaigns To Inspire You Father's day is around the corner and there's a lot already going on. But there are two things which I absolutely love about father’s day. Firstly, the special treatment that I get from my kids and secondly, the heart melting and intelligent ad campaigns from big and small brands. Be it MetLife's "My Dad's story", Father's Day Redo from Toyota USA or the "What do you love about your dad"...

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Optimize Love: How to Sell Well with PPC on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day brings retailers about $13 billion each year as over 60 percent of consumers participate in this annual celebration of relationships, according to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association. Here are some ways that your online business can capitalize on this loved filled day.

Start Your AdWords Campaign Early

Some online retailers begin their AdWords campaign for Valentine's Day as early as January. As long as you get the campaign going the weeks...

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