Mobile Algorithm Changes Can Affect Your Search Visibility

According to an assessment performed by Pure Oxygen Labs, only 56% of Fortune 100 companies are providing any kind of mobile content designed for smartphone users. This minimalist attitude toward optimizing content for mobile experiences could potentially take a large chunk out of these companies' rankings when it comes to where Google places them on search results, due to changes in Google's mobile algorithms.

Mobile industry statistics have shown and continue to support the importance of ensuring high quality optimization of website...

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Watch Out Siri! Google's Comin' For Ya…

When you think of searching, you probably think of Google. Since its inception, Google has been one of the most popular search engines on the Internet. Small wonder its new operating system is brilliant at searching just what you want, with Google Now as your new assistant. Google has a chance to surpass Apple using its new search capabilities. With the Android 4.1, or Jelly Bean as it’s affectionately called, searching is as easy as thinking what you want.

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