Essential Ingredients to High Performing Landing Pages [Infographic]

High Performing Landing Pages A high quality Landing page or a lead capture page is built with a single and focused objective to capture leads from prospects. It also helps “fuel other marketing channels”. It is one of the most crucial elements for a marketer or an online advertiser and yet many fail to bring the charm to their landing pages. A/C to a survey, only 22% of the marketers are really happy with their...

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How to Identify Landing Page Hotspots

Getting the most out of your landing page is more than just about the perfect marketing strategy or how great the service or product you're selling might be.It is also about landing page optimization, layout, and design. Think about it: a poorly designed and hard to navigate landing page is going to mean less sales, while a simple and organized layout means people know where to go and make that final sale. In fact, when it comes to landing page design, there are five major areas that you should always give extra attention to: 1. Images: Pictures can mean the difference between a huge wall of text that...

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