Google Algorithm Updates: Time to Rethink Your SEO Strategy

The rules for SEO have changed dramatically over the years the more Google matures and weeds out spam. In 2013, Google provided further updates to Penguin and Panda and then introduced Hummingbird. In the process, many webmasters in 2014 may be wondering if SEO still matters or if it has become too complex to worry about. But even these ground breaking changes have not altered Google's goal to serve the most relevant search results, so in many ways these updates are merely fine tuning what the search engine has been aiming for all...

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8 Marketing Myths That Stifle the Growth of Your Business

Sometimes when marketers do too much research without questioning sources, encountering myths about marketing is quite common, especially when it comes to the internet marketing. Part of the problem is that there are many marketers who claim to be experts even though in reality, they lack experience. Since marketing involves imagination, which almost everyone possesses, many novices feel that their creative ideas are worth sharing. This leads to ideas that may not necessarily be factual. Moreover, Internet marketing myths also arise because...

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8 Ways You Can Build a Better Relationship With Your SEO Provider

The Internet plays a vital role in linking businesses and their target audiences. Consumers are flocking to the Internet and using a versatile set of mobile devices to stay connected. Your company's online presence must be competitive, original, and appealing, or you could risk losing potential clients and viable leads. Don't lose your online marketing edge due to a failing relationship with your SEO provider. Here are...

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Married to SEO But…

The start of a new year is a time when one tends to reflect on a lot of stuff, both intended and unintended. As the new year rolls on I started to reflect on my career choice as a digital marketer. I started my career as a SEO person and I am still married to it. But these days I am having an affair with PPC. Its less demanding, convenient, the outcome is predictable and there is no long-term commitment unless you really want it.

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January 2012 Google Search Updates

Although the January 2012 Google updates are less noteworthy than the initial introduction of Panda, they provide evidence that the search engine giant continues to focus on providing results that are faster, more timely and more accurate.

Finding Only the Freshest Results

Minor improvements were made to the freshness update that Google implemented in November. "Freshness" refers to search results with an element of timeliness, such as hot topics or recent events. The latest change in this area involves an...

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Podcasting In Internet Marketing

Advances in alternatives and the decrease of associated costs have taken search engine marketing techniques far beyond the optimization of written content, blogs and articles. One of the most visible and well-known of these advances is YouTube, the video sharing site purchased by Google for $1.65 billion in 2006. A second advance, though not as ubiquitous as YouTube, is the podcast. A podcast is a digital media file which can be distributed over the internet using syndicated feeds for playback on portable media players, laptops and personal...

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