UX and Digital Marketing: Do Their Paths Intersect?

“Is the user experience (UX) finally fully integrated into the digital marketing mix?”

This question seems simple, but it’s actually quite provocative. Mostly because it begs a follow-up question: “Should it be?”

Change is the one constant for a digital marketing agency, and digital marketing tools and techniques seem to change like the weather. This causes a natural tension between old-guard techniques (which could be less than a year old) and innovations that leverage the latest tools of the trade (which seem to strike...

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Digital Marketing Tools You Must Include in Your Action Plan

Digital marketing is taking the business environment by storm and most marketers are readily embracing it. The force behind this change is technology. You cannot ignore today’s technology and thrive in the competitive market. Take your marketing digital by use of the following tools:

  • Google search. This is a universal digital marketing tool that will make your products and services known globally. It directs a vast number...

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