10 Amazing Father's Day Videos by Brands To Inspire You

10 Amazing Father's Day Brand Video Campaigns To Inspire You Father's day is around the corner and there's a lot already going on. But there are two things which I absolutely love about father’s day. Firstly, the special treatment that I get from my kids and secondly, the heart melting and intelligent ad campaigns from big and small brands. Be it MetLife's "My Dad's story", Father's Day Redo from Toyota USA or the "What do you love about your dad"...

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Press Releases for Internet Strategy

A turnaround in internet strategy is the use of press releases to reach out to millions of users who have internet access and subscribe to RSS feeds. Gone are the days when press releases depended upon a handful of journalists. You can now communicate with your customers directly through Google, Yahoo and other such verticals. Your customers and potential customers should reda about yourproduct on the internet and reach your website directly. You can write a press release about anything in your company. Do not wait for...

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