AdWords Social Extensions Going Away from December 10

 AdWords Social Extensions Going Away from December 10

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Google AdWords has announced that it is going to discontinue social extensions from December 10, 2015.

Google AdWords Social extension going away - Google notification

AdWords Social extensions are the ad extensions that appear along with your ads in search and display networks and show the total number of followers on your Google+ page. With AdWords doing away with this feature, advertisers won’t be able to use it anymore. But, Google has specifically mentioned that if advertisers still want to highlight social presence for their ads, they could use site links and Callout extensions.

How It Might Affect Advertisers

Ad extensions have been always a CTR boosting factor for advertisers as it helps them to showcase their fan following in Google SERP’s. This might affect the overall CTR of the ad. But, AdWords also mentioned that if the advertisers can use Ad extensions in their site link extensions (The ball is still in the Google’s court, as site links impression is not in advertisers’ control).

Google hasn’t given more information in this regard. Stay connected to hear more about this on our blog.


Ajay Prasad

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