GMRWT Weekly Roundup #3: Yelp Study on Google, Facebook Feed Update & More

Welcome to the third edition of the weekly search and social roundup. Every week, we bring up a carousel of all the major headlines that happened but you might have missed.

GMRWT Weekly Roundup #3


Google Powered Yahoo Search. Is it really going to happen?

Last week, Yahoo confirmed with Search Engine Land that it is running tests that include collaborating with various search providers, including Google too. Before April 2015, Yahoo used Bing for serving its search results to desktop users but it is now trying other search partners after a renegotiation with Microsoft.

Study: Former FTC advisor claims Google degrading its Local Search Results

A study conducted by former FTC advisor Tim Wu and sponsored by Yelp suggests that Google is violating competition laws by giving priority to self-promoted content over relevant ones. The study also revealed that almost 50% of the users click on relevant search results while only 32% click on Google’s local results.

Read the study published on Slideshare

Get more insights on the study and Google’s response to it in this story by Search Engine Land


Facebook updates News Feed for videos and adds Video Tab to insights

Facebook continues to update its News Feed for proving a better user experience and this time, its videos that it has taken into account. It has done an update for videos before as well but Facebook says that “With this update, we want to show people more of the types of videos they want to see, and fewer of the videos they don’t.”

Additionally, it has added a new Video Tab to Insights.

More about the update here

Google+ removes brand posts from Knowledge Graph cards

You might have noticed that previously whenever you searched for a brand name in Google, the knowledge graph would show recent G+ update from the brand’s page. But now, there won’t be any posts in the KG Card. However, Google+ posts will continue to appear in the search results.

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