15 Grammatical Mistakes That Are Every Writer's Nightmare

15 Grammatical Mistakes That Are Every Writer’s Nightmare Writing is a powerful form of communication, but its credibility can be diminished in several ways. Grammatical errors (we’re absolutely certain about this) is one of those. No matter how deep your understanding is about a certain topic or how well you write, a simple, common word conflict or spelling mistake can easily take all that away. This applies to every blogger, copywriter and marketer out...

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5 Common Landing Page Lapses That Can Hurt Your Conversions

Getting visitors to your landing page is only the first step of conversion. Making the visitors convert is another hurdle all together. When visitors stop by your landing page, you want them to give you their contact information in exchange of the offer you have.

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How you structure your landing pages can determine whether you will have high or low conversion rates.

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How to Trim the Maintenance Budget of Your ECommerce Site

Running an Ecommerce can be a lucrative way to earn money. However, there’s more to being successful in selling a product on the internet than having something people want to buy and making sure that they can find it.

In fact, one of the biggest deterrents to actually turning a profit that many upstart Ecommerce companies have is their maintenance budget. While some maintenance is essential, you may not have to be spending quite as much as you are each month right now in order to keep your

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