Disadvantages of Relaunching Your Company Without 301 Redirects

Doing a company relaunch could include something simple like changing your business name, business plan or your logo. But, if you are doing something far more involved like changing your domain name to another domain name, you might be wondering if this really is the smart thing to do. One of the nice things about changing a domain name is that you can still have all the same benefits, but with a different domain URL. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business and had your domain for awhile now (a few years) or for a few...

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8 Ways You Can Build a Better Relationship With Your SEO Provider

The Internet plays a vital role in linking businesses and their target audiences. Consumers are flocking to the Internet and using a versatile set of mobile devices to stay connected. Your company's online presence must be competitive, original, and appealing, or you could risk losing potential clients and viable leads. Don't lose your online marketing edge due to a failing relationship with your SEO provider. Here are...

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Married to SEO But…

The start of a new year is a time when one tends to reflect on a lot of stuff, both intended and unintended. As the new year rolls on I started to reflect on my career choice as a digital marketer. I started my career as a SEO person and I am still married to it. But these days I am having an affair with PPC. Its less demanding, convenient, the outcome is predictable and there is no long-term commitment unless you really want it.

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Matt Cutts Advocates Aggressive Disavowal of Bad Links

Matt Cutts, Google's authority on SEO, released a video explaining how web owners can disavow links in order for penalized sites to get a fresh new start. He says that anyone who has hired a SEO company that resulted in bad links can use the disavow tool aggressively. In some cases website owners may want to disavow entire months or years of bad links, depending on how sever they have impacted your site. Read This Post »

On-Page Link Building Strategies for 2014

With Google consistently updating their search algorithms in order to have higher quality content show higher up on their first few search results, this means that businesses need to have a comprehensive and tight link building strategy for all of their content and entire website in order to stay ahead of competition. One of the most important aspects of a strong link building strategy is knowing the tips and tricks of perfect on-page link building and SEO to remain at the top of those search results. With the new year coming faster than...

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Guest Blogging May Get You Penalized By Google

As of late, the debate about whether or not using guest blogging is an ethical method of backlinking to your website has heated up. The short answer is yes, if you do it correctly. Guest blogging is when you publish an article on another person’s website. Many people use this tactic to link back to their websites, just as they did years ago, when they outsourced the compiling of hundreds of short blogs (usually around 200...

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Why SEO Is a Vital Component of B2B Content Marketing

More than 91 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing and CMOs plan to increase their spending on content marketing budgets this year, making it an important tool to attract leads and convert leads to clients.

Marketers use content and will increase content because, quite simply, it works. More than 87 percent of respondents to a recent CMO Council and NetLine survey reported that content drove decisions about what companies to work with.

Making content a...

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