SWOT Analysis: An Absolute Must for Your Small Business

Every small business owner should consider doing a SWOT analysis, a strategic evaluation of the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. First you need to set a time frame for achieving your goals. The main reason for going through this process is to help identify your weaknesses and what you can do to make improvements, as well as how you can maximize your strengths. The following breakdown of SWOT analysis will help you plan critical decisions for your business.

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Ways to Weed Out Fake Paid Search Managers While Hiring

When it comes to looking for a paid search manager, finding one isn’t difficult. However, for many people, finding a good one is exceedingly hard in a field where real professionals are becoming tougher and tougher to find. While you may not know exactly how to tell the difference between a fake paid search manager and real one at this moment, there are some surefire ways to help you hire the right person for you.

Use this guide to help you hire a reputable paid search manager...

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How Duplicate Business Listings Cause You to Lose Business

Whether it is intentional or not, duplicate business listings can be a big problem for you. Instead of improving sales, duplicate business listings can actually cause you to lose business. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why this may be the case: Lack of Professionalism Many green entrepreneurs are overzealous and may post duplicate business listings as a way to drive business to their website using multiple keywords. Or they post a listing for their business, forget about it when it doesn’t produce, and post another one...

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Google Algorithm Changes to Penalize Sites with Heavy Ads

The growth of online advertising has led business professionals into becoming ferocious advertisers. They all want to sing the loudest and stand the tallest. It is well known that the aggressive marketers, in most cases, draw the most prospective clients. At the crux of this strategy is a strong website. The value of a website is so crucial to the success of a company that business owners pay huge sums of money to design the best website. That being said, this doesn't mean that the best website is the most entertaining or aesthetically...

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Halloween Festivities: A Boom Time for Small Businesses

For many small businesses, Halloween brings more sales, even sometimes rivaling sales during the Christmas period. According to a survey carried out by Proper Insights & Analytics, Americans are expected to spend an average of $75 for costumes during this year’s Halloween festival. While the average spending has reduced from $79 a year ago, the overall Halloween spending has increased by 54.7 percent since 2005. When it comes to Halloween, shoppers know no limits to creativity. Retailers have stocked their shelves with different types of...

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Success Criteria for Online Businesses

Regardless of whether you intend to start a new online business or reinvent the one you already run, it's very important to know that business success doesn't depend on getting a revolutionary idea or opting for a market segment with little competition, but on following specific criteria.

In fact, developing unique products or services that nobody has tested before or choosing a market segment with fewer competitors is the worst possible idea. That's because you have no proof that specific products, services or markets are functional....

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