Can Apple Regain With the iWatch?

Apple, as usual, has been silent as the volume turns up on company rumors that they are planning to release an iWatch in 2013. But as a recent Forbes article points out, speculation on new Apple products usually turns out to be more true than false. One thing we all know about Apple by now is that they have grown to be more than a computer company. They have become a pop culture manufacturer, tapping into our everyday lives, helping us sort out information that last century's tech giants weren't even thinking about. The iWatch makes complete sense for Apple, which has already revolutionized music, movies, the phone, notebooks and desktops. The only mystery at this point is how much more excitement can they create in pop culture? The iPhone already keeps perfect time and it's already portable. That's why a separate device that only keeps time would not make sense. In order for the iWatch to light up the market the way the iPad and other devices did is that it has to accomplish many things. Many people don't even wear watches anymore now that their smart phones tell time without the burden of wearing an object on the wrist that potentially affects blood circulation. The most likely scenario is that the iWatch will be an even more miniature computing device than the iPhone. It could also function as a remote for other devices. Whatever it turns out to be, it will likely not just be an electronic watch. Most of Apple's revolutionary products of the new century have been game changers that silence weak competitors while improving strong competitors. With over 75 patents on wearable inventions, Apple is bound to make this product exciting, not just for consumers, but investors as well. For the record, there are already smart watches on the market made by Pebble, Sony and Nike. But Apple usually adds innovation to existing products. It's not like them to just duplicate what's already available. What if the iWatch were a hands free device? It may be able to deliver messages from other devices in a way that's even more comfortable than Apple's existing portable devices. It might make purchasing easier, the way credit cards made purchasing easier, except that credit cards can get lost or stolen, leading to identity theft. The iWatch potentially could also be a security device that alerts users of possible trouble.

Sangeeta Kumar

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