AdWords Conversion Intuitive Redesign: What Advertisers Need to Know

AdWords Conversion Intuitive Redesign What Advertisers Need to Know

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AdWords marketers will have a more customized view of conversion tracking columns starting mid-October 2015. This new set-up will help you to monitor the data that's most important to you and your business goals.

Here are more details on what to expect from the upcoming AdWords conversion tracking changes and prepare for it:

New Conversions Column

Data for conversion actions you've taken into your optimization setting will be displayed in the new "Conversions" column. It will give you the choice of including a conversion action in the column by switching its optimization on or off with the default "on" for most settings.

When you optimize bids for conversions using automated or manual bidding, the data for bidding will appear in your Conversions column. Google says there will be more changes on the way for customizing data in this column, such as choices for including cross-device conversions.

New All Conversion Actions

Data for all conversion actions, including what you choose not to optimize, will move from your "estimated total conversions" column to your "All Conversions" column. This column will include your choices of attribution models for conversion actions.

New Cross-Device Conversions

Once called "estimated cross-device conversions," a new column with the same function will be called "cross-device conversions." It will report the complete number of cross-device conversions for your various conversion actions.

Discontinued Columns

  • Data for "Conv. (opt.)" will move to the "Conversions" column
  • "Est. total conv." data will be seen in the "All conversions" column
  • "Est. cross-device conv." data will be displayed under "Cross-device conversions"

Preparing Yourself for Changes

You actually don't have to do anything because these changes will just happen automatically. However, you may still want to make certain adjustments to your settings if the following information applies to you:

  • Set what you want to be displayed in your "Conversions" column.
  • If you're not sure about settings, you may want to leave them in the "on" position.
  • If you are using automated rules, it's best to review and update settings to ensure a smooth run.
  • You should update your automated rules currently used for "Conversions" to "Conv. (opt.)" in case you have turned "off" the optimization for conversions. This will ensure a proper migration to the new Conversions column and will protect these rules from being suspended.
  • You will need to update your saved filters that refer to "Conversions" so that they work properly with the new changes. Changing these filters to "Conv. (opt.)" will protect saved filters from being removed.
  • If any of your optimization options are turned off for conversion actions, change the custom columns to "Conv. (opt.)" so that your customized columns appear in the new "Conversions" column to preserve the data.

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