6 Free Apps to Make Your Digital Life Uncomplicated This Year

Free Apps to make life Easy

It is as important to stay productive now as it always has been, if not more so. As the push toward digitizing the world takes on a more literal definition each day, new apps are being developed to help us navigate the cyber void. Here are six free apps that can help you be more productive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a favorite among business folk. Google Drive allows you to create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and to share them with certificate holders in real time, so that everyone stays on the same page. Additionally, all work on Google Drive is saved automatically.


Hootlet is an app that allows you to share any content that you find on the internet on the social media pages of your choice, simply by clicking an icon on your browser bar. This eliminates the need to copy, paste, edit and format your posts. The link will have already been posted by the time you log in.


Vizify allows you to encapsulate your networking experience in a single page that looks as professional as your LinkedIn profile. With Vizify, recruiters don't need to hunt down the rest of your social media and business profiles.


How can you create a safe password for each of the forty sites that you log onto each day without forgetting them? Use LastPass. LastPass stores password and form data securely, allowing you effortless access to all of your protected profiles.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper allows you to highlight live text and stores it in a password protected cloud. You can make notes and even change the colors. It will all be there for you when you log into your account.


Sunrise is one of the best mobile apps that you can use. Not only does it allow you to see events that you've scheduled, but birthdays through Facebook, and a host of other events that may be slated to occur across your social networking pages.


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