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Mobile Responsive Website Design & Conversion


Do you have a web strategy for mobile phones?

Over 50% of Internet searches are done on smartphones or tablets.

Most importantly, consumer browsing behaviors on smartphones is different from browsing behaviors on a desktop. While a desktop is used when researching a specific product or service, smartphones are very often used to find a business when the consumer is ready to purchase. As a result, you not only need your website via desktop to be formatted correctly, but you need your website and information to be formatted properly for various smartphones and tablets.

GMR Web team can help develop your mobile web marketing strategy and execute it for you.

Mobile web strategy used to be as simple as developing a mobile friendly site and adding a code to your site that will automatically redirect someone who is browsing from their smartphone. This method had many limitations and the mobile website generally was considered a duplicate website by search engines; limiting search engine marketing results.

The better option for excellent results is to redesign your website with responsive design format. Responsive design optimizes your website for all browsing platforms such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc., assuring easy browsing for your web visitors no matter what device they are using to surf the internet. This method will give you the best website conversions without any of the search engine related issues.

If you are not sure if your website is mobile friendly, just bring up your website on a smartphone and you'll see why you do or don't need one.

Successful mobile website design requires the following:

  • A specific design and navigation for smartphone, desktop, and tablet devices.
  • A specific message for each device because mobile browsing behavior and desktop browsing behavior are completely different.
  • Highlight the call to action early on in the mobile version because mobile browsers are generally at the tail end of their decision process.
  • Highlight your social media links on mobile so that customers can find out more about you if they choose to. For example, typical mobile search behavior when looking for a restaurant is as follows:
     1) Identify the restaurant
     2) Check the reviews
     3) Call for a reservation
     Every business needs to identify their customers', mobile behavior and design their responsive website accordingly.
  • They must be compatible with various smartphone and tablet operating systems.

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