Urgent Care Reputation Management

Our urgent care reputation management software additionally includes:

  • Patient Sentiment Insights: Monitor patient sentiment for each of your urgent care locations and doctors.
  • Service Recovery: Receive immediate notifications when patients are unhappy to conduct service recovery.
  • Management Insights: Use robust and real-time reporting to improve patient care.
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Attract New Patients Through Urgent Care Reputation Management

Reputation management has a vital role to play in the success of your urgent care practice. Not only does it expand your patient base by strengthening your practice’s online reputation but it also helps foster positive relationships with your patients through its extensive service recovery process.

As most patients who are in need of immediate care look for online reviews as a quick reference before making a selection, it’s worth considering whether your online reviews are depicting the same great patient experience that you actually provide. A great patient experience that is clearly reflected in your patients’ online reviews helps your practice appear more prominently in your prospective patients’ searches, thereby increasing your chances of acquiring them!


A Positive Reputation Equals to More Patient Acquisition

Studies show that 40% of patients choose an urgent care center solely based on reviews. Reviews not only improve online SEO rankings but also help in attracting more patients to urgent care clinics. With our urgent care reputation management tool, we’ll help your practice get more reviews from your patients. This will not just improve your engagement with your existing patients, but will also increase patient acquisition for your practice.


Our Reputation Management Solution Highlights Your True Quality

This is where our urgent care reputation management solution can help you in achieving a qualitative and accurate perception of your practice online. It includes a leading reputation management software that provides you with a seamless and automated process for generating reviews. The more online reviews your practice has, the better they reflect your actual patient satisfaction level. Along with this, you’ll gain a 360-degree view of your patients’ experience and sentiments, which are compiled into in-depth reports within your own personal dashboard.

“A person reads an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business.” - Bright Local


Manage Negative Reviews to Build Lasting Relationships

Negative feedback on leading review sites can have a devastating impact on your urgent care center’s ability to acquire new patients. If someone leaves a negative review for your urgent care center, try to approach it as objectively as possible. Craft a mature response and apologize for the problem, while committing to do better next time. This helps in building a lasting relationship with loyal patients and you may even win back the patient who left the negative response.


Generate New Referrals with Improved Patient Care

We at GMR are always happy to help an urgent care practice in need of reputation management guidance. Online reviews are a very important part of patient acquisition, especially with how Google (and other search engines) incorporate these into search results.

Whether you are a single-location urgent care practice or a multi-location urgent care practice group, you can easily measure patient satisfaction through online reviews and feedback.

With our urgent care reputation management solution, you can also view trends by locations and physicians to improve the patient care provided by them. This will provide you with insights into your practice and quality of care, allowing you to find areas of improvement for your practice and in getting new referrals from your extremely happy or trusting patients.

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