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About Company

Family Care Centers Medical Group (FCCMG) is composed of primary and urgent care medical offices in Orange County, California.

Their Situation

One of their urgent care centers was losing patients due to increased competition. They decided that improving their web presence was the right strategy to obtain additional patients and outshine their competitors. GMR was brought in to design and oversee the web marketing improvement effort.

The urgent care center had a only small online presence, an outdated website, and a small number of reviews on Yelp and some other review sites. GMR found that although their patients were generally very happy, their overall reputation online did not reflect this accurately.


  • Increase positive reviews on major review sites.
  • Expand the digital footprint of the urgent care center to get in front of locals who might require its services
  • Improve patient retention rates by understanding their concerns and addressing them proactively

Our Growth Solution

After some analysis, we realized that the overwhelming majority of patients were happy after their visit, but only the unhappy ones took to review sites to publicize their opinion. This is because patient feedback was not being gathered and happy patients were allowed to walk out the door without any sort of follow up for reviews. Another component of the solution was a focused effort on customer service training for physicians and staff.

  • Develop a reputation strategy to reach out to new patients after their visit, gather feedback, and prompt satisfied patients to write reviews.
  • Promote patient engagement and brand loyalty through a monthly email newsletter.
  • Create a website that’s easy to navigate and optimized for viewing across all devices.
  • Develop a customized content marketing and social media strategy to get the urgent care center ranked highly on all search engines, especially Google.


Since the start of our marketing efforts...

  • The number of new patients from online averaged 73 in the first three months, and grew to 164 monthly (+125%) in the subsequent six months.
  • The improvement in online reputation is largely responsible for the increase in new patients:
    1. Yelp average score improved from 1.2 to 4.0-stars, and total reviews obtained increased from 12 to 115+ in a two year period.
  • Total monthly visits to their website improved by 113%.
  • Total unique phone calls from the internet improved by 107%

Improve your online reputation and increase your new customer referrals.