4 Mobile-Savvy Tips for Mid-Sized Businesses to Stay Competitive

Over a third of all online searches are now done on mobile devices and this trend is still growing. One of the most important things to remember about mobile users is that they search differently than desktop users. While desktop users work in relaxed environments in the comfort of a home or office, mobile users are usually on the go, either riding in a car or another vehicle or walking around while shopping. However, the majority of mobile users are usually trying to pass time. Mobile requires more immediacy and brevity. Here are some tips to...

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SMS India- Update 1

Trying my best to cover the # SMS India but the info coming trough is overwhelming.

Here's a tiny wee bit of what Eric Weaver, covered today,

Content that builds trust

  1. Have Proof Points: Use external voices, do expert interviews
  2. Testimonials: not on the site but on Yelp, display visitor ranking
  3. Inside looks: show factory shots, show who's blogging, take a webcam and go around the office.
  4. Employee perspective: People love to buy from people who are loved!

    Management Relation pieces:...

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